Tax Hack: How to use your smartphone to organize your taxes in 2018

Tax Hack: How to use your smartphone to organize your taxes in 2018

Here’s a new way to look at your smartphone: It’s also a tax organizer! Low-cost apps allow you to collect, copy and process receipts, as well as track all of your expenses.

Your smartphone camera is so smart that scanning is now actually easier with your phone than it is with a machine. Apps allow you to straighten out a crooked document, change the brightness, turn a color document to black and white, and instantly convert an image into a PDF. Turn a receipt automatically into a CSV file to open in Excel, then email those files to yourself from inside the app.

Also, apps like Smart Receipts turn your phone into a receipt scanner, mileage tracker and expense report generator all-in-one. Taking digital photos of receipts is good enough for the IRS, as you can always print them out should you ever be audited.

Why A Reverse Mortgage is NOT the solution…

After several discussion with some families looking to retire and possibly sell their home, I found that the reverse mortgage business has really put a lot of work into their marketing.  While they make it look like a great option, I would never advise it.  Here are some helpful truths to reverse mortgages that some companies don’t make obvious when consulting families on this topic.